30 mph speed sign

Criminal Court

More and more regulations are controlling our work and general lives bringing each of us into contact with the Police and Criminal law. 

We are all affected by the likes of:

  • Road Traffic Law,
  • Health and Safety rules
  • Anti-social behaviour

and many other rules and regulations.

Many of us can find ourselves accused of a crime or otherwise involved in the criminal process.  We all hope to avoid this but at times we all need advice or assistance in dealing with situations we find ourselves in.

At Ballantyne & Copland we aim to provide advice and support to our clients whether they find themselves involved in Criminal law as the accused or as a witness.

We are pleased to be in a position to offer advice to clients on all issues of Criminal law from disorder offences or dishonesty to Road Traffic and Animal welfare. 

Please contact our office to arrange an appointment to discuss any issues of Criminal law in confidence.

We provide Criminal Legal Assistance where available under the Scottish Legal Aid Board.