A family dealing with death

Dealing with Death

Dealing with a death is traumatic at the best of times. It can be made ten times worse when trying to deal with the deceased’s finances at the same time.

Maybe you have been named as an executor and you are not quite sure what to do next.

Let us take the pressure off you. Robert Westwood has helped bereaved families cope with the issues and problems arising in dealing with death and these finances for 25 years now and is well versed in the procedures that need to be followed.

Don’t just assume that because a house is owned jointly with the deceased that nothing needs to be done to transfer the house over to the deceased’s spouse or partner.

Regardless of how little you think the deceased had or owned, make an appointment today to see Robert to discuss what might need to be done to sort out his or her affairs.

For more information on dealing with death and the financial implications associated contact Ballantyne and Copland today.