Litigation Services

At Ballantyne & Copland, we pride ourselves on being prepared to tackle all your needs when it comes to enforcing your legal rights, whether that be through advice and correspondence, or through taking a case to court or to a tribunal.

Litigation services provided by Ballantyne and Copland include:


We advise both employers and employees on an almost daily basis in this ever-changing area of law. Whether it is payment of sums due, a disciplinary situation, or the need to know how to handle potentially difficult situations which can affect individuals and families, we provide firm advice and guidance to fit each person’s or company’s needs. We regularly appear before the Employment Tribunal in suitable cases.


Although we might all wish otherwise, family breakdown and changes in the family unit are a way of life in our modern world. This can often be a difficult and emotional time for all involved, and a listening and sympathetic ear are often every bit as important as strong and knowledgeable legal advice. Our aim is to provide both—and always to allow people to find their own time to move matters forward. Our service is based on many years’ experience, but based on up-to-date practice and guidance, and covers the whole range of options open to separating couples, such as mediation, and counselling. We are widely experienced also in matters of child contact arrangements, and are happy to represent any party—including a child of appropriate age—in such matters.

Personal Injury

Whether it's a car crash, an accident at work, or simply a trip or fall in the street, lots of people suffer personal injury as a direct result of the fault or negligence of another. Through our litigation services we seek to pursue such claims speedily, and, in doing so, to not only achieve a sum in damages for the actual injury suffered by a person, but also the associated losses, such as loss of earnings, damage to clothes or property or additional costs for childcare or transport—all with the minimum of fuss, and with a view to maximising the individual’s settlement.

Family Protection

As life is never straightforward, we are able to advise and act on the whole range of civil claims not falling into one of the above categories. Neighbour disputes; difficulties with the local authority over housing or otherwise; boundary disputes, and general advice on debt are all matters on which we advise and practice regularly through our litigation services, and which are all important to those who come in to see us. We like to treat everyone as an individual, no matter the size of their problem, and seek to provide a quick and efficient solution—where possible—which leaves clients satisfied with our service.