Powers of attorney

Powers of Attorney Services

There are types of Power of Attorney:

  • A financial Power of Attorney whereby you give someone authority to deal with your finances in the same way as you could

  • A welfare Power of Attorney which deals with you rather than your finances and would give your Attorney authority to deal with certain issues if you became incapable such as medical treatment or where you live

In both instances a Power of Attorney generally now had to be signed before a Solicitor and registered with the Public Guardian’s Office before it becomes valid.

Far too many times people have contacted our powers of attorney services to try to arrange for a Power of Attorney for an elderly relative where it have become clear to us very quickly that that is not possible because the relative is no longer capable of making a Power of Attorney by virtue of a physical or mental disability.

However we are finding that increasingly people are more and more aware of the need to have a Power of Attorney put in place as a precautionary measure in case something should happened to them and their family need to deal with their affairs.

The alternative if there is no Power of Attorney is an expensive and lengthy Court process which all could be avoided as relatively little expense.

If you are worried about how your affairs would be dealt with if you suffer an accident or become ill then please click here to contact Robert Westwood to discuss our powers of attorney services.